Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tidbit Tuesday

More tidbits about me cuz hubby thinks I've shared enough about him (for now!).

1. I HATE odd numbers.

2. I don't like going to the beach. It's too hot. And sandy. And sticky.

3. Hubby was in the Army. We were stationed in Kansas. Kansas sucks.

4. I'm slightly very competitive.

5. I watch Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, ER and Prison Break (see #6).

6. Wentworth Miller wants to marry me.

Neurotically Yours!


karen said...

I have nothing funny to add, but I wanted to say hi. :-)

The Mom said...

LOVING your blog! All the guys on Brothers and Sisters make me swoon!

Anonymous said...

Why do you women love the gay guys!!!!!!

He really is in case you did not know this.

Besides he can't hunt or fish I bet.


Mutha Mae said...

Wasn't the season finale of DH great?!

Ann(ie) said...

My hubby did basic Training in Kansas. Ft Riley I believe? I didn't know him yet, but he said it was HORRIBLE.

Wentworth Miller is adorable. McDreamy wants to marry me so we should have a dual swanky engagement party. One ?: Do we invite our current hubby's?

AND I'm competitive too. To a ridiculous level really.

But, I love the beach. Prefer a pool, but a beach will suffice.