Sunday, May 11, 2008

Am I Neurotic??

As I was trying to come up with my blog name, my friend (the pusher) asked me what adjectives I thought described me. The only thing that came to my mind was neurotic. I laughed. Then she laughed.........but there was no disagreement from her. So began the quest to confirm that I am neurotic - which is a little neurotic wouldn't ya say??

First I ask my husband.

Me - "Do you think I'm neurotic?"
Hubby - "Like in a sexual way?"
Me -"What?" hahaha "Not EROTIC, NEUrotic!" hahaha
Hubby - hahaha "What does neurotic mean?"
Me - "A little obsessive, know...its kinda something I just know but I really can't explain."
Hubby - "I don't know."
Me - "Nevermind. Go look it up on"

Later I called my brother.

Bro - "Hello."
Me - "Do you think I'm neurotic?"
Bro - "What does that mean?"
Me - "Go look it up on RIGHT NOW."
Bro - "I'm not home right now."
Me - I kind of growl/grunt.
Bro- "How do you spell that? Diana (the barber and yes she knows me too) is going to look it up."
Me - "N-E-U-R-O-T-I-C."
Bro - "Are you sure? We can't find it."
Me - "Nevermind. Look it up on the computer and call me later."
Bro - "OK, bye."
Me - "Bye." (with a little disgust)

Several hours go by and I call my Mom while I'm sitting at Chili's with the fam.

Mom - "Hello?"
Me - "Do you think I'm neurotic?"
Mom - "I don't know. What does it mean?
Me - "Go look it up on You have to look up neurosis because the definition of neurotic is: a characteristic of neurosis or some stupid definition like that. Are you going to look it up?"
Mom - "Well.."
Me - "What are you doing?"
Mom - "Just watching T.V."
Me - "Lean over, grab your laptop and look it up RIGHT NOW and call me back."
Mom - "OK, bye."
Me - "Bye." (with a little disgust again)

A few minutes go by and my cell phone rings.

Me - "Hey."
Mom - haha "First off I want to say that it says it is a relatively mild personality disorder." haha
Me - "What?"
Mom - "Just keep that in mind.....but yes I think your a little neurotic. And now I think your brother is and maybe even me." haha
Me - haha "That's what I thought. Bro definitely is too. Okay bye." haha
Mom - haha "Bye."

The next day my bro finally calls me back to let me know that "Yes, you are neurotic and I think I am, too." haha I tell him "That's what Mom said." haha

Finally, I received enough confirmation that I am neurotic. And I feel so much better!

Neurotically Yours!


Anonymous said...

Your Husband sounds like a funny and good looking guy. (No not funny looking. I beat all of you to the comeback) Congats on finally starting your blog. Now leave me out of it. My stupid coments are for your ears only. I am happier having people think I'm stupid then having you confirm it.

I also have a pusher friend he is trying to get me to go fishing and hunting more often, maybe I should start that. We are trying to come up with a great name for our fishing and hunting club. Help us please!!!!!!! We are going to meet more than once a month though.

Keeper Of All Things said...

I sooooooo can hear all those conversations! It is the perfect name fact we just might start calling you that all the time haha Oh and to the anonymous comment I think BAG & TAG is a good name

Anonymous said...

I think a better name for this fishing and hunting and anything else we (I mean they) want to do club should be tag your (OLD) bag!!!!! Hubby

Anonymous said...

OHHHH yeah......I'm neurotic. And Erotic at the same time!!1!!1one

Joey..your bro.

Merrie said...

I never would have thought of picking it that way. My nickname for years was "Sensible Mers" because I'm annoyingly sensible in my thinking. That would have been good, too. As it is, my title came from the fact that I was NOT sleeping well for quite a while there. Thankfully it's better these days.
Great early post! Hope you start feeling more inspired. Just take your camera everywhere with you for whenever random inspiration strikes. :)

tidymom said...

OMG this post is hilarious!!!!!
Thanks for the good laugh - I needed it this morning!


Michelle said...

LMAO! Thats hilarious that you called your family to ask each of them. And your husband confusing the word gave me a real good laugh. I'm a bit neurotic myself. I like things the way I like them and thats just that. I do things a certain way and thats just me. Be proud of yourself for being the only member of your family who knew the meaning of the word without having to look it up. Happy blogging!

barbara said...

can't say that i am neurotic...but it can't be a disorder (or whatever your mom said it said it was) any worse than some of my persoanlity traits are! LOL.

Melodie said...

My husband says I "have weird OCD habits." But, I think neurotic might fit a little better.

And, I can't believe that no one you asked knew what the word meant? What's up with that?

WheresMyAngels said...

Definately Neurotic, if you had to ask that many people!! lol

Holly Tried It said...

Hmmmm...I like your strategy for naming your blog. But I'm a little neurotic myself and I would feel like I was copying you if I used the same strategy (minus the word neurotic).

Lisa @ Serahs said...

That was so funny! I thought I was the only one who began all the phone calls when someone describes me with a word that I need confirmation on. haha

Tammy said...

lol...I believe we are a little neurotic. I know I am. Knowing it makes it easier to accept. ;-D I came by way of the SITS site.