Friday, May 9, 2008

First Post Ever

I have to admit that I only recently got into the whole blog thing. You see I have this friend who is a pusher. No not that kind. Usually she "pushes" food - yummy junk food - but that wasn't enough. No. She had to "push" her neurotic friend into reading blogs. Not just one or two (it never is) but many, many blogs which just leads to more blogs because all of us bloggers have to "push" the blogs we like on everyone else. Now, thanks to my friend, the pusher (who, from this day forward, she shall be named), I have to start my own blog. So here begins the life and times of a neurotic mom*! (*thanks K!)

Neurotically Yours!


Bahama Shores Mama: said...

The pusher does all this with love! Can ya feel the love???!!!???

Anonymous said...

Holy shit......I like it so far..goood job...I'm drunk a s shit and have thbe hiccups.......Damn...i hate the hiccups,

Keeper Of All Things said...

Really Great...Can't wait for more