Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm a Winner!!!

Woohoo! I finally won a blog giveaway!!! I love winning.......just ask my Bunko gals! I entered a Skin So Soft (SSS) giveaway offered by Two Lines On a Stick (don't ya love that name??). And I won! Did I mention that yet??

This is how it went down:
First, Tara let us know about the 2 SSS products she was giving away. The original SSS and the SSS Bug Guard Expedition.

Here were her rules:
To enter, just leave me a comment and let me know which product you would like. I will separate the entries and draw a winner for each on Monday morning. The results will be posted on my bloggity blog. You’ll have to send me your address so I can get it in the mail to you :)

This was my response:
I’d love the Skin So Soft! I totally forgot about it keeping the bugs away! If there’s a bug within a 1 mile radius of me, it’s gonna bite me…….it must be because I’m sooo sweet! Ha!

Then, when I checked google reader, I saw this:

Skin So Soft Giveaway Winners
Thanks to all who entered! I put the names on paper and folded them each in half, put them in a bowl, and Jonathon chose the winners randomly.
The winner of the Skin So Soft original oil spray is Tami.
The winner of the Bug Guard Expedition with SPF is Michelle.
I contacted you both in case you didn’t see this post, so please reply with your address and I’ll get your prize in the mail Congratulations!

And sure enough, I check my e-mail and there's a message from Tara. Then I did a happy dance!

Go check out Two Lines On a Stick !

Neurotically Yours!


Two Lines On a Stick said...

Thanks for the post :) Your stuff will be in the mail tomorrow!


The Mom said...

Go you!!

By The Seat Of My Pants said...

Congrats! Winning is so much fun! Thanks for another blog to read...I really should be getting in the shower to go to work now, but there is so much blogging to do!

Bahama Shores Mama: said...

Did you tell your DH that you were doing the happy dance 'cause of two lines on a stick? I *know* how he'd react!

Congrats, weiner!