Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tidbit Tuesday

1. Today is the last day of school for the kiddos! YIPPEEEEEE!

2. Friday night we went to Taste of Pinellas. It's a fundraiser for All Children's Hospital. We were even V.I.P. - thanks to The Keeper of All Thing's hubby. It was soooo glamorous.........well, sorta............well, there was free beer. And, don't be jealous now, Rick Springfield was in concert. Oh, I hear the envy!

3. I went to see Sex and the City Saturday afternoon. All. By. Myself. I LOVED IT!

4. Saturday night we went to the Rays game. Again. Stop with the envy. Of course, I was only there because Trace Atkins was performing after the game. I heart Trace! His voice is soooooooooooo sexy!

5. Sunday we BBQ'd and swam (well, not me, but everyone else) at Bahama Shores Mama's house.

Trust me, my weekend isn't usually this action packed. Not unless it involves some sort of little league! So, what did everyone do this weekend??


karen said...

We thought Rick Springfield was playing on Sat. night, but instead it was Eddie Money. Big bummer

The Mom said...

I loved SATC too, wasn't it great?!

ooh Trace, yummy!

Bahama Shores Mama: said...

Next time.........you WILL be getting in the pool :)

my wonderful men... said...

I'm so glad school is just about over for us too.

I want to see that movie. I heard it was good. I never watched it on t.v. but the movie gets you up to speed I'm told.


marae said...

Your welcome for the tickets. I had a great time ecept for the whole porta potty thingy.EWWWWW
I'll post that story later.

Keeper Of All Things said...

Did you notice that said marae? A mystery......I'm asking te kids y .............they have no idea. Damn ghost anyway!!!

By The Seat Of My Pants said...

Ummm...okay, this weekend...got trashed Friday at "happy hour" and stood up my friends that were saving a seat for me at SATC...Felt like crapola on Saturday when I had to be at the kid's dress rehearsal from 9am-6:30pm...Got a stupid haircut on Sunday...and found a new home on Monday!

Ann(ie) said...

Still haven't seen that dang movie. Going Friday. Post Cosmos/sushi. yay!

H. Roy Adams said...

Grad you enjoyed the Taste of Pinellas - Roy

TJ said...

Oh you are so lucky! Everyone has seen SATC but me it seems like. Actually I think I have hubby talked into it next Friday when we are leaving the kids at grammy's and celebrating our anniversary.