Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Cheers For You

No cheerleading for the girls this year.

I have very mixed emotions about this.

We had been a part of this youth organization for 8 years. Even when we bought our house and there were 3 other organizations closer, we stayed with our team. Out of loyalty and love and because we were proud to be a part of our team. "Were" being a very key word in that sentence.

It was a very hard decision for me to make. And yes. I made it. Not the girls. Too. Much. Drama. Drama within the board. Not the *one cheerleader mom hired someone to kill another cheerleader mom* kind of drama...............but there could be a hit out between board members. I kid. I think.

I digress.

What is with drama within these organizations anyway? It's worse than high school. And pathetic.

Anyway, I felt, that keeping my girls there, would not have been the best for them.

I definitely don't miss scrambling to get them to practice 3-4 nights during the week, then rushing home to eat dinner, take showers and get to bed at a decent hour. And I don't miss my Saturdays being consumed by cheerleading and working my tail off at home games. But then again........I kinda do. I miss some of the people. I miss the football. I miss watching the entire squad grow and become better cheerleaders during the season. I miss the people. Oh, wait, I said that.

So that's the condensed version. For now.

In case you're wondering, our new fall activities are swimming for Jordan (which is actually year-round) and soccer for Ashlyn. The craziness is back :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah! You posted and I get to be your first comment!! I agree with you on the drama...less stress for you too...

Bahama Shores Mama said...

Give me a T
Give me a A
Give me a M
Give me a I

What do you have? My blogging buddy back!!!

Welcome back!

and shhhhh, there are times when I miss it too.

jennifer said...

I think it will all work out. Seeing adults behave in 'dramatic' ways can confuse kiddos. Glad that you protected them from it.

Have a great week.

Heather said...

It's sad when adults can't act like adults. Drama makes me tired. I'm sorry it affected cheerleading. That stinks.

Michelle said...

I think it is good to give kids a variety of activities when they are young. I also hear you with board drama. I've been on the PTA board for long enough to experience a bit of that!

Merrie said...

I haven't yet experienced any of that kind of thing, but I know it's coming, and good for you to step away from the drama. The kids should always come first! said...

oh I have the cutest soccer bows! I would love to send you one for free if you want to link to my blog?


My Wonderful Men said...

Change is hard, but you'll get into the other sports and see they are happy then you'll be happy too.

Lilly's Life said...

Visiting from SITS.

You have to do the right thngs by your kids there is no question. You wont regret it. Oh, my daughter's name is Jordan except she is 25 now. I love it when I see another girl with the name that - its a little more unusual in Australia - mainly its a males name. Enjoy all your visits today!

Joelle said...

I Have 5 girls. 3 competitive cheer, one starting out, & one only 2. been there, done that & was a coach &we won!! we were great!!!~why?.... I did what a MOM would do, not a mom back in highschool or collage but what was FAIR, what a mom would do to make piece in a large family.) I guess being a mommy all these years & feeling like I have no life & im just a mom & not a " person"... I kinda learned something.I did not let it get to "THAT" point, the parents didn't have a chance to"ACT like that. THANK GOD, but then we moved & it started up.I had to pull them too this last time. very hard. im sad, but WHY? but I DO NOT MISS "those"parents, wait... & THOSE children ~ that behaved badly. but I too MISS the people. the good people who were in it for the same reasons.
your right, makes you tired.Good job for doing what was right even though it was a tough decisions. we're not quitters either but they were just learning to be hateful & negativiity spreads.
Best Wishes ~
Love your blog!
Joelle XO

nicole said...

Sometimes changes are for the best.

And some drama is just not worth being part off.

Ann said...

Happy SITS day!
I understand what you're talking about with this situation.
It can almost be out of body. Like you're in a Lifetime for Women movie.
I'm happy for you that you were able to step back before things became overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

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